Hello OSR folks!

Better late than never... we need help

Here finaly comes January summary and prizes awards. Better late than never I guess but this shows, once again, that OSR community needs help.

The community is lively in discord (thanks raylu for those stats) and games are played but the OSR team hardly manage to do it's job.

If you like OSR spirit, are capable of writing in English (no pressure, most content are written by a French), and feel like giving some time and energy to organize teaching events and manage a cool go community, please get in touch with me (climu).

January Summary

January was a quiet month with 31 games played in total but we are happy to welcome quite some new go players in our discord.

The Dan league is working fine but the DDK league is almost dead. It's up to you dear DDK to get it up!

The 11th OSR meijin ended with, once again, GoDave89 winning the title with 26 wins and 2 losses.

League Games Active players
OSR league 27 18
Dan league 6 6
DDK league 1 2


Position Player Prize
1st Meijin GoDave89 Teaching game with Alexander Dinerchtein (3p)
1st OSR league Godave89 5€ at Guo Juan's Internet Go School
2nd OSR league Perezosorancio Teaching game with Norman Tsai 6D
1st Dan league Omicron 5€ at Guo Juan's Internet Go School

Winners should shortly receive an email with instructions on how to get their prizes.

Thanks everyone!

Thank you all for playing, reviewing games and thanks to Guo Juan internet Go school and Norman Tsai for helping us.

Guo Juan's Internet Go School