Hello all,

Long time without a post. Let's see why.

For some time, the OSR team lacks time and motivation to set things up at OSR. Throught OSR history we learn that setting up teaching, events and animating the discord always have been a way to keep the community active. I think the last volunteers who joined found it hard to rock a project that was slowly stopping it's dynamic.

No more leagues for now

In the past month fewer and fewer games were played in OSR leagues. At the end we stopped the leagues.

The discord server is still a bit lively. Someone should remove all those unused channel to clean things up. One can always find stats about OSR discord server here.

Tools are here and community still alive.

The tools we built are still running. The website and the discord bot can always be used.

Actually those tools are used by a french online go club. We are hosting their leagues and, they are using our amazing game planing tool! Finally!

We still have some cash to run the server for some time and set up some teaching. I am sorry no one did the yearly money post. I ll try to do it as soon as possible.

Looking back OSR have gathered experience, tools, contacts to set up online teaching and studying.

Anyone want to revive OSR is welcome

For real. OSR always have been a community project. If you feel like setting up online leagues, tournaments, teaching, studying, we have the ressources for. We just lack the time and energy.

Thanks for all

I won't be much involve in OSR in the near future so I want to thanks all people who help built this journey.