Hello Again!

Now that the new year celebrations have passed, things have calmed down a little bit. 48 games were played in the main league along with 3 in the dan league, 2 in the DDK league and 12 in the new SDK League.

This means that if you are someone who normally doesn't take part because you feel that you are not ready for stiff competition, this is the perfect time to make your mark! This is especially true for the DDK league, so if you are a new player then please do not hesitate to take part, the 1st place prize is ready for the taking!

League Winners

The League winners for January are as follows:

  • Monthly League:
    • Silkroad: 19 games w/ 28.5 points
    • HES: 13 games w/ 12.5 points
  • Dan League:
    • Silkroad: 3 games w/ 4.5 points
  • SDK League:
    • HES: 12 games w/ 11 points
  • DDK League:
    • colin_coin_coin: 2 games w/ 2 points

Congratulations to all the winners, they will receive a 5€ Voucher for Guo Juan's Internet Go School. The emails containing the vouchers will be sent out shortly. (Note that we won't be giving out duplicates from now on to limit the amount of credit we are using.)

We are also organising a simultaneous game with Cornel Burzo EGF 6d. The 1st Place of each league will be invited to take part.

We are looking forward to the next month of games. See you soon!