Dear Baduk-Baronesses, Weiqi-Wonders and Go-Lords, dear OSR members,

We have amazing news for y’all:

We are extraordinarily delighted to announce a new partnership with Eunkyo Do 1dan professional from South Korea!

Eunkyo Do recently started uploading teaching videos to her youtube channel and plans to start streaming go teaching content soon.

Very kindly, she agreed to partner with the OSR and teach its members by

  1. answering questions you will be able to ask in our discord channel,
  2. and reviewing games played in our leagues!

How to ask questions?

Head to the #question-to-eunkyo-do channel on our discord server. Please take time to formulate your question clearly in one message, and link to the game referring to the move numbers and/or a picture of the situation. We will be able to preselect the questions, how we do this is up to us, aka the OSR members. We will open a thread in #making-the-osr to gather suggestions and discuss what is the best option for the community.

Eunkyo Do will select from this preselected questions pool the ones that provide the most useful teaching content to answer live on twitch.

And how to become the lucky ones to get your game reviewed by Eunkyo?

Easy, just play to your best skill and shape in the leagues and you might become the chosen one. πŸ˜‰


The OSR team and community would like to express to Eunkyo Do a huge thanks for the teaching she will enlighten us with, and give her a warm welcome in our midst!