16-player invitational tournament for streamers, YouTubers, and teachers in the online Go community - best of the best!

The online Go community is blessed by the constant contributions of content creators, who stream on Twitch, post YouTube videos, or give lessons, for the benefit of those who wish to improve. In 2015, to honor their efforts, we hosted an invitational tournament on OGS; the event has become one of the most sought-after online events, providing abundant amounts of high-level, entertaining commentary to the viewers.

This March, 3 years after the initial installment, we're proud to bring back the 2018 Creators Invitational Tournament! The multi-week event will consist of 16 participants, including the likes of Stephen Hu (xhu98), Andrew Jackson (bearcat), and Justin Teng (odnihs), in addition to various commentators such as Josh Allen (Battsgo/Dwyrin), Guo Juan 5p and Yoonyoung Kim 4p! Players are expected to stream/review their own games, and this tournament website is the perfect place for those who wish to follow the event's progress. Don't forget to check out the calendar for a schedule of upcoming games and broadcasts, and enjoy watching!

We wish to offer our greatest gratitude to our partners, who have collectively helped us to make this event possible: