16-player invitational tournament for streamers, YouTubers, and teachers in the online Go community - best of the best!

Winner's Trophy, presented by Open Study Room (OSR)

The admins of OSR appreciate the community content created by the participants so much, it only makes sense to show how much we care by giving back to the community, a belief the OSR stands by. The Winner of the CIT will be awarded the OSR's first official trophy, printed in FDA-approved PLA. This trophy was made as a durable reminder, a token representing the achievements each participant has made in the previous year. Whomever the victor of this year's CIT, this trophy was crafted with the merit of each individual and the value you have impacted on the community. Thank you.

Special thanks to its designer and crafter AdamR and Agent Neigh, both having spent many hours to complete the work! :)

More to be added!