Games for Mateusz Surma (2p) review are choosen!

As we announced before, Mateusz Surma 2 dan professional from the European Go Federation, will be reviewing 2 OSR games live on our Discord server on [gmt]2020/07/11 18:00[/gmt].

Amongst the 3 games were submited in our forums, Godave89 vs Hyacinth was the only dan league game so it was selected.

For the other game we flipped a coin and Ethelor vs Silkroad won the toss.

We are thankful to Mateusz Surma for sharing his Go knowledge with OSR members.

If you are interested in Mateusz teaching, be sure to check out his website featuring a Go shop and a Go school. This sunday is the deadline for his Go school coming cycle registration, so if you are interested then make sure that you act quickly!

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Jeff (EGF 6D) lecture about "when to protect groups and when to take points"


The Open Study Room is happy to invite you to a lecture by Su Yang aka Jeff about "when to protect groups and when to take points" on [gmt]2020/07/04 14:30[/gmt].

For those who don't know him, Jeff is an experienced go teacher ranked EGF 6 dan. You can find more information about him here or watch his previous OSR lectures in this YouTube playlist.

Such lectures are organized and …

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