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Lastest News

Guo Juan first "one glass wine" lecture video

First Guo Juan "one glass wine " lecture took place yesterday in KGS Open Study Room.

Around 30 people were there to study with master Guo Juan and that was a very nice moment.

All OSR members would like to adress a huge thanks to Guo Juan for helping us studying go !

For those who couldn't attend it, here is the video.

Enjoy !

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Events and teachers

Youngpro games review

As we announced earlier Sinan Djepov will be comenting some OSR games the 25 of March at 10:00 am GMT....

Goru Matsuo teaching game

Goro Matsuo will play a teaching game with our league winner every month ! You should send him some love for that...

Guo Juan (5p) monthly lecture

Guo Juan 5 dan professional will be doing monthly 15min lecture in the Open Study Room. The first one will take place the 01st of April at 17:30 gmt ...

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Saturday 18 March: Tsumego day with Markó Péter and lose2learn !

Saturday 18 March the Open Study Room  will be hosting a special tsumego day !

At 09:00 GMT, we will have a 2 hour study of the firsts elementary tsumegos from Cho Chikun dictionnary (7k -15k) with lose2learn.

At 17:00 GMT,  Markó Péter (EGF 4d) will be doing a lecture on tsumegos. The main topics will be: How to approach tsumegos, whats the difference between them, what kind of ...

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