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Lastest News

Jeff lectures: choose the topic - Tsumego session

Hello OSR !

Osr is almost a month old now and we are happy to count 74 players in this March league and 112 players registered in total !

I feel some players were enthusiastic at first and then lost their interest in OSR. Feel free to tell us why, we would be more than happy to do better !

Jeff's lectures : Choose a topic

Su Yang will be doing 3 lectures ...

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New admin, discord channel, verify your email

OSR Team is growing !

We are very happy to welcome EdwinSelan in OSR team. He helped us set up the Discord channel !

Having community members getting involve in OSR is always greatly welcome.

Discord Channel.

We just setted up a discord server for OSR.

Discord is a voice/text chat server, which will help us communicate in a simple way. Here, you can easily talk through chat or voice communication ...

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New month and Prizes

First OSR league is close

This very first OSR league was a beta-test time to see if this project would gather interest in the online go community.

The answer was quite clear: 55 players registered and 12 games played in justĀ  10 days !

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your support.

March league starts now !

The new league is up. We keep every player that played at least one game and add them to the A group of March league.

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