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Lastest News

Stop Being a DDK

We would not want our less experienced players to feel neglected and thus we are starting a new study group labeled "Stop Being a DDK". Most suited for players from total beginners to 15k.

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New month, New leagues, Prizes

Hi guys,

October was busy

October have been very busy month at OSR. Since we reached the OGS community, we were very happy to welcome quite some new enthusiastic go players. We are now proud to count around 430 registered go players who play, teach, learn, and share their passion for the beautiful game of go. You guys played 180 games this month!

We also welcomed the Neighic Go community ...

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Ponticello (2/3d) lecture on 05th of november

Hello people,

Ponticello (2/3d) will offer a lecture about counting liberties and evaluating semeais on 06th of november at 01:30 GMT.

The lecture will take place in KGS Go Server and will be free to attend.

For those who don't know him, Ponticello is an experienced teacher that prepared lectures for the KGS teaching ladder. He is also a musician that teaches cello, viola da gamba, music ...

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Guo Juan Questions

Hello OSR,

It is almost time for the monthly Guo Juan (5p) Questions! She will answer your questions on Sunday, the 29th of October, at 5 pm GMT in our KGS Open Study Room.

You can post your questions in our forum here.


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