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Explore Baduk Community: Study with Sinan Djepov (EGF 5d) !

Good news everyone !

Our beloved teacher Sinan Djepov (EGF 5d) has started a community where you can study, play in leagues and learn with him for a very reasonable price.

He will review every games played, play a simul with you everyweek, offer weekly questions/answer time and tsumego/exercices for only 20€ per month.

If you are interested in improving your go skills, check out Explore Baduk Community.

We ...

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Video of Guo Juan answers

Hello OSR !

Last sunday, Guo Juan (5p) kindly answered to some questions that have been asked in our forum. The questions were here and here. She also suggested some related lecture and exercises series from her website if you want to practice  (here and there) !

Feel free to submit new questions here. She answers every month.

A huge thanks to Guo Juan for doing this.


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