Good news everyone !

Bunch of them actually.

Youngpro games review

As we announced earlier Sinan Djepov will be comenting some OSR games the 25 of March at 10:00 am GMT. You can submit games to be reviewed in this forum post. We only have  2 games for now, don't be shy.

I take this occasion to announce that Sinan will start a very interesting teaching league. For only 25€ you will have bunch of study material including: 12 games reviews, 30 lectures, 4 simul games and weekly tsumego. Details can be found in his teacher page .

Goru Matsuo teaching game

Goro Matsuo will play a teaching game with our league winner every month !

Goro Matsuo is former Japan insei who won the Tokyo University go tournament 3 times (2010, 2011, 2012). He is ranked 8d KGS where he is the 18 best player of the server, Tygem 9d and Oro Baduk 8d.

All OSR team want to thank him very much for supporting our go community. You should send him some love for that.

Guo Juan (5p) monthly lecture

Guo Juan 5 dan professional will be doing monthly 15min lecture in the Open Study Room

The first one will take place the 01st of April at 17:30 gmt in the Open Study Room.

Guo Juan is a well know professional go player who have been teaching go for many years. Be sure to check her internet go school where you can enjoy lots of pro lectures and game reviews for a more than decent prize and enjoy her unique training system called Spaced Repetition System.

All OSR team wants to adress here a huge thanks for supporting the Open Study Room !

OSR is yours !

While your devoted team is working on finding such sponsors and partners, we would like to remind you that OSR can work only if you guys get involve.

We are doing this for you and we need you to play games, study in our room, suggest ideas, give feedback for this to work.

As usual, let me thank you for your engagement in the Open Study Room.