OSR first real month just ended.

We had 84 players but only 41 played at least one game. In total we had 64 games played.

For this first month, we had 3 tsumego sessions thanks to lose2learn and  Markó Péter, and on game commentary by Sinan Djepov.

I almost forgot: Congratulation to our winners !

A group:

B group:

All winners will receive an email that inform them how to get their prizes.

Thanks to all our teachers for supporting the Open Study Room with such great prizes !

New league is up and running !

Thanks to the website update, setting up this new league took me only 2 minutes !

We kept all player that played at least one game and put the 1st 20 in Ponuki group. All other actives will play in Empty triangle group with our newcomers.

If you didn't play a game and want to rejoin the league, you can easily do so by clicking the Join button in your profile.

Following your suggestions, we renamed the groups by go shapes and we now allow players to play 3 games with each opponents.

Email verification is mandatory now

Since we will communicate bye emails, and for security reasons, we will now ask our member to verify their email.

If you didn't do it already, you will be sent an email verification link when trying to login.

Thanks for your understanding.

April should be fun:

This new month start with a busy week-end already : Guo juan lecture and Goro tsumego session.

Also, the lecture by Jeff for which you can still vote for the topic should come in middle April.

While we work on setting up those prizes and events, you should know that we can only do so if OSR community is active: Play games, review games in our room, attend our lectures, talk in our forum and discord...

Thank you all for making OSR a great place !