Hello OSR !

New Elite league

Before our traditional monthly winners and prizes announcement I would like to introduce this very new OSR league: OSR elite

It's a small league for strong players (3d+) motivated to play and study to improve their skills. We are happy that OSR can help any go player to organise and set up leagues. On top of that we will have the chance to enjoy some high quality go !

If you are interested in playing in it, you should contact Brandon or  Inazuma.

99 games this month !

This month, you played 99 games. We were so close to the 101 record of May and we have good hopes for October :)

The new DDK league was quite successful: 18 games were played and the winner Senokir went from 12 kyu to 9 kyu in one month only !

In the OSR ladder, 18 players played the required 3 games and are in Ponnuki now. As usual everyone is free to (re)join the October ladder in Empty triangle.


Congratulation to all the winners:

Winner will shortly receive an email with instructions on how to claim their prizes.

All this would not be possible without the kind support of our teachers, friends, and partners. Let's thanks Péter Markó, Justin TengGuo Juan and the team of the internet Go School for making this happen.