Hello go friends,

A month have passed and it's time to applause our winners and get ready for the new rumble.

First let's take a look at this September month shall we? I will spare you the boring numbers since you can always find those in here, but I'll say Dave didn't win any league and the dan league was active. That's two very positive surprises!

In the main OSR league, there was a tie between Godave89 and Alemitrani. While the tie breaking rule have been decided long time ago, we realized it was not stated anywhere in the rules. We will fix that soon. In the meantime the curious can see in our code that we sort player by score, number of games, SOS and finaly SODOS. The choice to choose "number of game" as  first tie breaker means we want to favor activity over strength.

But here I am talking while the winners want their prizes!

So alemitrani won the OSR league! He won a teaching game with Peter Marko and 5€ to be used at Guo Juan's Internet Go School. Words are not enough to thanks Alemitrani to finally ends Dave dominance. Send him some love!

GoDave89  was the runner up of the OSR league. He won a game review with Jutin Teng.

Sosnovsky was the winner of the Dan league. He won a teaching game with Norman Tsai (AGA 6d) and 5 € at Guo Juan's Internet Go School.

Nitnelav won the DDK league and is rewarded with a teaching game with Brandon and 5 € at Guo Juan's Internet Go School.

Winner will shortly receive an email with instruction to get their prizes.

We would like to thank all OSR friends, partners, players, supporters and patreons who make this possible.

Guo Juan's Internet Go School