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New Website Hype Train!

Hi fellow Baduk friends,

As many of you already became aware of, our website got a NEW shiny suit!

One part of it will be automatically generated proverbs on the website.

We are asking YOU to provide us with your favourite proverbs so we can let them show up.

Please post the proverbs here in our forums.

Also don't forget to report any issues/problems with the website either ...

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Guo Juan (5p) answers questions! :D

Hi! :D

Guo Juan (5p) will answer your questions on Sunday, the 8th 

of October, at 5 pm GMT in our KGS Open Study Room. 

You can post your questions in our forum here.

If you want to display a goban in your post or have any 

other questions regarding the formatting please check out

this and this.

Take care,



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