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Brandon (5d) teaches winner of November DDK league

As the winner of the November DDK League, yours truly was treated to a teaching game with Brandon (KGS 5d) which took place on OGS this Wednesday the 27th December.  Brandon was a kind and helpful teacher, being careful not to crush his student and to provide plenty of opportunities for learning and discussion.  The Kifu follows and can also be found on gokibitz.com for those of you who ...

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Cornel Burzo (7d) vs. Gor Teaching Game

Gor won this teaching game as runner-up in the November Ponnuki league.  The game was played today (26 December 2017) in the OSR room on KGS.  The event was text-only as Cornel had unfortunately lost his voice after 5 hours of teaching skiing.  We wish him a speedy recovery.  Fortunately his Go skills were unimpaired, as can be appreciated from the kifu.  The SGF follows, and for those of you ...

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