First OSR league is close

This very first OSR league was a beta-test time to see if this project would gather interest in the online go community.

The answer was quite clear: 55 players registered and 12 games played in just  10 days !

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your support.

Let's congrats our winners  :

A huge thanks to Péter Markó for supporting OSR.

The winners should get in touch with climu as soon as possible to claim their prizes.

The teaching game will of course be public and you will all be welcome to encourage hiddenpain and thanks  Péter Markó .

March league starts now !

The new league is up. We keep every player that played at least one game and add them to the A group of March league.

New players will join in the B group (empty for now).

If you didn't manage to get a game in this very short February month and want to join March OSR league, it's very easy:  Go to your profile (in top right or clicking here) and click the join button. You will automatically join the B group.

Let's play some games !

Reminder: kgs archives are down.

As I explained in previous post, since kgs archive are down, our automatic game finder can't work properly.

You can play OSR game, you just need to upload your games to

We hope KGS will fix this issue shortly and thank you all for your understanding.

OSR is still young

While this short beta test time was a clear success, I hope everyone understand OSR is still under construction. Don't get me wrong, it's fully working, but some admin tools are still missing (delete games, change players group) and some new features are on the todo list (game planing tool, automaticly checking KGS players online status to help find game,...)

As usual, we remind you that we are always very happy to hear feedbacks, hear critics, or listen to new ideas.

ps: Mentioning admin league tools, check-out our brand new rollover tool. That will save us hours !