Hello Go friends!

After the lecture by Jeff (EGF 6d) on direction of play, our celebration tournament and Guo Juan (5p) review, our 1000 members party is still keeping up!

Indeed, this weekend we will have two screenings of "The Surrounding Game" movie and next weekend Cornel Burzo (EGF 6d) will play simultaneously against three OSR members live on twitch on [gmt]2019/03/23 15:00[/gmt].

For everyone to be able to participate in this event, one dan player, one sdk player and one ddk player are going to play. These players will be selected in a raffle.

If you want to play with Cornel on the [gmt]2019/03/23 15:00[/gmt], you can register by answering in this forum post before the 21 of March.

To be able to register you must have participated in an OSR league in the past 3 month (by playing at least one game) or in the OSR 1K party tournament.

Please only register if you can commit to play on [gmt]2019/03/23 15:00[/gmt].

The raffle will take place on March 22 and we will announce the lucky members right ahead.

Lets have a great time trying to crush Cornel altogether!