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Alexandre Dinerchtein (3p) teaching game with Godave89 this Sunday


Good news everyone!

Alexandre Dinerchtein 3 dan professional from the KBA will be playing a teaching game with our Meijin Godave89 on [gmt]2020/03/29 12:00[/gmt] on KGS.

Feel free to comme root for our feared and beloved Meijin, or just enjoy watching him die after all the groups he killed you.

The event will be recorded for those who can't attend.

Huge thanks to Alexandre Dinerchtein for teaching us!

Those kind …

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January results and prizes

Hello OSR folks!

Better late than never... we need help

Here finaly comes January summary and prizes awards. Better late than never I guess but this shows, once again, that OSR community needs help.

The community is lively in discord (thanks raylu for those stats) and games are played but the OSR team hardly manage to do it's job.

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OSR have a new treasurer!


Hello OSR community!

A short blog post to announce that OSR have a new treasurer: AdamReal.

I pass this responsibility with relief and I am thankful to him for taking care of that. I will have more free time to work on coding the website for instance.

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September results and prizes

Hello Go friends!

Time for the September summary, results and prizes should we?

A total of 37 games were played this September in all leagues. That is the exact same amount as in August and is still quite low.

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