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New Month, New Bot, New Meijin, Prizes!

Top of the day go players and friends!

This month we had the meijin league closing on top of other monthly leagues. No one manage to overcome our champion yet. Please, please, we need a hero to end this tyranny!

On the bright side, positive won the dan league!  It's great to see newcomers winning leagues! This league is still quite inactive but it's for you guys to ...

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Real life rank policy for high dan players

We are all aware that with the recent rise of strong Go AIs, some online Go players are using bots while playing online to achieve a stronger play. This behavior has always been forbidden within the OSR community (as explicitly stated in our league rules), but unfortunately we have had to deal with botting allegations, investigations, and, in a few cases, people have confessed to having cheated. It is a real problem that threatens our community as an online Go club.

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