June leagues results

After welcoming BoneSaw to the team last month everyone disappeared into summer holidays while I am still sitting here, mumbling "wörk wörk" into my Radler and writing an other blog post. You may have noticed that the first half of the year is already over again and with the passing of June we (at least around here in central Europe) survived the first heat-wave of the year with temperatures of up to 40°C. Weather like this calls for afternoons in the park or the pool which shows in the activity charts of our leagues.

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May update

May just ended and, therefore, it is time for a new "end of month" special. It's been a fairly quiet month. To bring some more energy to the community, the OSR team is proud to welcome a new addition to it's roster: the all-mighty BoneSaw. We hope that with his help we'll be able to tackle on more projects in the upcoming months.

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April leagues update

As some of you have already noticed there has been a huge delay in this months update due to a very limited availabilty of our admin team. A number of team members are currently away from home for extended amounts of time and others are busy with offline projects and work. We are always looking for additional staff members - so if you are enjoying the Open Study Room and would like to help please get in touch.

However - for now, since I am free to do some writing while traveling in a train across Europe, finally the results of our monthly leagues:

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