Jeff (EGF 6D) lecture about "timing"

The Open Study Room is happy to invite you to a lecture by Su Yang aka Jeff about "timing" on Saturday the 29 of September at 19:00 GMT .

For those who don't know him, Jeff is an experienced go teacher ranked EGF 6 dan. You can find more informations about him here or watch his previous OSR lectures in this youtube playlist.

Such lectures are organized and financed ...

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Goban Royale, chapter 3 !

Location : Online, on KGS or OGS !

Date : [gmt]2018-09-30 16:00[/gmt]


Friends from the OSR, you want to show that you are the best? You still keep your terrible performance of the 1st edition in mind? We are giving you an opportunity to redeem yourself, and to prove your skill to the rest of the community.

On the 30th of September the 3rd edition of the Goban Royale ...

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August League Winners!

Good Day Goban Gladiators!

It is now September; thus, we conclude another month of Leagues.

For the month of August, we have the following League statistics:

In the DDK category, with a grand total of 0 games. No one wins!

Our Dan league last month, with a total count of 1 (one) game, had us asking philosophical questions like whether a single game can constitute a league or not. The ...

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"OSR bot" on Discord is now Official!

Discord bot

Dear OSR Community,

As you already know, here at OSR we try to provide you with all you need to help you advance your Go studies and to facilitate the needs of our community. As part of this, we have decided to create some extra functionality through our Discord server by using our bot. The base functionality of the bot was initially written by FluffM, and then further advanced by ...

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