New month and Prizes

First OSR league is close

This very first OSR league was a beta-test time to see if this project would gather interest in the online go community.

The answer was quite clear: 55 players registered and 12 games played in just  10 days !

Thank you all for your enthusiasm and your support.

March league starts now !

The new league is up. We keep every player that played at least one game and add them to the A group of March league.

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OSR after one day: OSR is alive ! I need your help.

Hi guys,

What a start !

Yesterday, when I started OSR publicly, I was just checking if such a project would gather attention and interest. I thought I would get something like 10 players in a couple of day to start beta-testing the website. 

Guess what? In less than  24 hours we got 30 players and 2 games played already !

While I am positivly thrilled by your enthousiasme I …

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Let's create a new place to study go together

Hello everyone !

Here is an attempt to build an online go community willing to play, study, teach go all together in a friendly environment.

It's a fresh start so many things have to be decide and will be discussed but here is what my experience tells:

A community

For this to work, we need to work as a community. I need feedbacks, ideas to know what you guys needs …

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