April leagues update

As some of you have already noticed there has been a huge delay in this months update due to a very limited availabilty of our admin team. A number of team members are currently away from home for extended amounts of time and others are busy with offline projects and work. We are always looking for additional staff members - so if you are enjoying the Open Study Room and would like to help please get in touch.

However - for now, since I am free to do some writing while traveling in a train across Europe, finally the results of our monthly leagues:

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March update

With the end of March we have also reached the end of our month-long event series to celebrate welcoming the 1000th member to the Open Study Room. We hope you enjoyed some of the events we tried to put together for you and are now ready to return to our regular schedule. Which of course includes our monthly leagues and the due results.

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1k Party: "The Surrounding Game" screening


As part of the 1000 Members celebration party, this weekend the Open Study Room is making two free screenings of "The Surrounding Game". These will take place today and tomorrow as follows:

  • [gmt]2019/03/16 18:00[/gmt] "The Surrounding Game" screening
  • [gmt]2019/03/17 12:00[/gmt] "The Surrounding Game" screening

There are only 25 seats available.

In order to get the access link to the stream, please contact korni on OSR Discord.

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