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Guo Juan (5p) answers questions! :D

Hi! :D

Guo Juan (5p) will answer your questions on Sunday, the 8th 

of October, at 5 pm GMT in our KGS Open Study Room. 

You can post your questions in our forum here.

If you want to display a goban in your post or have any 

other questions regarding the formatting please check out

this and this.

Take care,



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Explore Baduk Community: Study with Sinan Djepov (EGF 5d) !

Good news everyone !

Our beloved teacher Sinan Djepov (EGF 5d) has started a community where you can study, play in leagues and learn with him for a very reasonable price.

He will review every games played, play a simul with you everyweek, offer weekly questions/answer time and tsumego/exercices for only 20€ per month.

If you are interested in improving your go skills, check out Explore Baduk Community.

We ...

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