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Guo Juan lecture video + partnership


Hi everyone!

The 21st of May, Guo Juan kindly gave a 15-min lecture in the Open Study Room.

In this lecture, Guo Juan taught us all about a certain shape in the corner. This shape is also studied in this lesson from her website. There, you will be able to study it and memorise it's properties with 12 related Go problems.

Enjoy  the video !

Extended partnership with Guo Juan …

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We stopped our partnership with Goro

Hi guys,

The following post will explain why we stopped our partnership with Goro, who used to be one of our teachers. 


Goro provided us a fake photo for his teacher page while claiming it was real. As a result, we will no longer be working with him. 

The full story:

In late March, we announced a partnership between Goro Matsuo and the Open Study Room.

As we like …

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Help us out: OSR is recruiting

OSR needs you!

While the OSR community is taking shape, we become more and more aware of the work needed to run such a community. At the moment we lack manpower in the following areas:


The main job will be to send emails and to write posts on our website as well as in various social media (reddit, google+, facebook).

To apply for this, one should obviously feel comfortable …

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